Treated T-1-11


Take advantage of evolving technology with the newest siding in the industry. If you’re a “new is always better” type of person, then our Treated T-1-11 siding is what you need.

Stay relevant in the lumber industry by investing in our new, pressure Treated T-1-11 barn or shed siding. If you’re interested in durable and dependable siding for your sheds or barns, call us today to place an order.

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Attractive Appearance

The Treated T-1-11 siding is not only strong, but also looks great on your shed or barn. It has a stunning, natural grain pattern which is only enhanced when stained. But if you choose to maintain the natural look, rest assured it will still look great. The manufacturer, CMPC, went to great lengths to create an appealing and quality look for this panel siding, whether it’s stained or not. With a combination of clean, sharp grooves and just a touch of roughness on the face of the siding it easily appeals to shed builders and buyers alike!

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Durable + Dependable

Our newest siding product, Treated T-1-11 is cut from Southern Yellow Pine trees so it’s grown and manufactured right here in the United States. If you’ve heard anything about Southern Yellow Pine before, you know it’s one of the strongest softwoods in the entire world. This siding comes ⅝ of an inch thick and is durable enough for a shed or barn of any size!

Not only is durable to the elements, but it’s also resistant to delamination courtesy of our pressure treatment. We have a unique treating method which requires a precise combination of chemical balance, cylinder pressure, and vacuum pull. Our secret formula completely eliminates delamination while still maintaining the durability and appearance of the Southern Yellow Pine lumber. It won’t discolor or stain the natural grain of the lumber at all.

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Benefits of Treated T-1-11:

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost efficient
  • Natural grain pattern
  • Pressure Treated to withstand elements (also wards off termite and prohibits fungal decay)
  • New technology
  • Grown + manufactured in the US




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The outstanding business relationship between Union Grove Lumber and Coastal Forest Resources Company is built on the friendly, courteous, and professional treatment that we always receive. The staff at Union Grove Lumber goes above and beyond the typical distributor to make sure that both customers and vendors are offered a quality sales experience.

Dillon Forbes | Vice President - Sales | Coastal Forest Products

I have worked with the professionals at Union grove Lumber for some 20 plus years. They have always been nothing but the best customers to work with on new and existing products. The level of service that they provide to their customers just makes a vendor want to work harder to deliver the highest level of service possible. I can truly say I always welcome a call from Union Grove Lumber.

David Walters | Tactical Product Manager OSB | Weyerhaeuser

Having come highly recommended, we’ve been very impressed with Union Grove Lumber’s efforts in helping Huber Engineered Woods launch our PerformMAX® shed floor product. We’ve appreciated their responsiveness to our various requests as a supply chain partner in getting the product into the market place. With the enthusiasm and proactive approach displayed by everyone at Union Grove Lumber, we’re experiencing firsthand the above and beyond efforts they’re making on behalf of their customer base.

Stuart C Brock | OEM/Industrial Sales Representative | Huber Engineered Woods

Union Grove Lumber is a great partner with the Miratec brand for Jeld Wen. They are customer driven always take care of the customer needs first, and handle any issues in a timely manner. As a manufacturer it is easy to rest at night knowing you have a great partner taking care of the end user growing the brand. It is my pleasure to do business with Union Grove Lumber.

Brian Edge | Regional Sales Manager Midatlantic/Southeast |JELD-WEN

Working with the people at Union Grove Lumber is like spending time with family. The relationships they have built with their customers and vendors vividly reflect the caring attitude of building win-win conditions and the model of partnered success together. As a customer of Roseburg, Union Grove Lumber shares in our core values: sawdust in the veins, handshake integrity, and driven to win.

Bob Clark | Market Development Specialist | Roseburg Forest Products

Union Grove Lumber is the BEST!

Kevin Murray | Softwood Plywood Sales Representative | Roseburg Forest Products

I have been buying building materials from Union Grove Lumber for several years. They have always delivered on time at a fair price and have always been helpful in any way they can. I would recommend giving them a call for all your building material needs.

Steve Perry | Purchasing Agent | Weatherking Portable Buildings

Union Grove was a hidden treasure and a great find for me as manager of the Procurement Department at Graceland Properties, LLC. Mo Lunsford and his staff has been instrumental in supplying our hard to reach locations with excellent product. Union Grove's proactiveness and service commitment always kept our plants in supply and never short on material. Now as I launch the Research and Development Department for our company, Union Grove is a contributing and essential vendor for me.

Bruce L. Morris | Research and Development Director | Graceland Properties LLC

When it comes to suppliers of plywood and lumber for the barn industry there are loads of salesmen and suppliers that talk a good game, but Union Grove Lumber helped us make it happen. They have enabled us, coached us and given us the confidence to make the decisions we needed to make in our industry. Union Grove Lumber not only has many resources and experience to draw from, but they bring a comprehensive array of networking value to the table. They have partnered with great suppliers across the country to be able to provide the resources needed in our industry. We are grateful for the relationship with them and look forward to many more years of business together!

Ervin Helmuth | Founder, President & CEO | Pine View Buildings LLC

When it comes to getting the lumber I need, when I need it, and at a consistently competitive price I really only know of one place that I can trust and that is Union Grove Lumber. (That statement is backed with my experience of 300+ tractor trailer loads of material bought from various suppliers). One of the things I really appreciate about UGL is their ability to quickly and effectively deal with any issues that may arise from working with lumber products. I can count on them to do anything that is asked to meet our lumber needs. They communicate clearly on availability  so that I never experience surprises! On a more personal note, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Mo, Greg, Sammy, Luke, Erica, Kristal, and all the behind the scenes people for doing your part to build a great relationship, both in business, and as friends.

Clare Kuepfer | Vice President of Purchasing | Pine View Buildings LLC

A company you can count on 100% of the time.  Union Grove Lumber continues to provide us with quality lumber, on time deliveries and great customer service.  The staff at Union Grove take pride in servicing the shed industry.  We look forward to working with Union Grove Lumber for many years!

David Dodd | Commodities Purchasing Agent, Backyard Outfitters

Union Grove Lumber is one of the best vendors I know. They have excellent customer service and delivery time averages are one of the best out there. They are trustworthy, dependable and are always extremely helpful with any request or issue I have. We are fortunate to have them as one of our leading suppliers.

Jeremy Dunn | Purchasing Agent, Old Hickory Buildings & Sheds

We have been doing business with Union Grove Lumber for around 10 years.  They are always dependable, always on time and the orders are correct.   The quality is great and so is the price.  They work very hard to take care of their customers.  If there is a problem with lumber quality they will address it.  Unlike some competitors, they fix problems so they don’t happen repeatedly.  We are very happy customers!!

Brian Berryman | President & CEO, Old Hickory Buildings & Sheds